Saturday, November 22, 2014

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As some of you may have noticed the amount of San Jose Earthquakes articles on this blog has slowed to a trickle. The reason for this is I am now covering the Earthquakes for a website called Last Word On Sports. It is a great website that covers a wide variety of sports around the world and presents them in a casual but professional manner.

I would greatly appreciate any feedback as I am a new writer trying to create a reputation. My latest article can be found here, it is a year-end review of the San Jose Earthquakes 2014 campaign.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Salinas Breeds Champions

A recent article in SB Nation about the national Alianza tournament got me thinking about how great the soccer talent pool really is here in Salinas. The article talks about how the Alianza tournament is a very high level event that should be taken more seriously by MLS and US Soccer. The most prestigious event in the tournament is the Copa Alianza, which is a series of 13 tournaments held in cities across the country. The local tournament is up in the Bay Area and has been won 3 out of the last 5 years by Necaxa from Salinas. That run is so impressive the website of the tournament describes the team as "mythical". An impressive run indeed and one Salinas should be proud of, but it is not the only talented soccer squad in town.

Depending on what poll you look at or the strength of schedule, Alvarez or Alisal might be higher or lower but they are in most of the top 10 lists for the state. Alisal has consistently fielded a strong squad that has won CCS championships, they play with the confidence of veterans much older than them. Alvarez is relatively newer to the "elite" category of soccer programs, but with a smart, young coach the Eagles should be soaring for year to come. That makes a championship amateur squad and two championship high schools, then you have the Hartnell College Men's team, you know the defending state champions.

With so much talent in this town, it is a failure that we are not sending more kids to college. The coaches and school administrators do a commendable job in what is essentially a volunteer role. I was amazed and became an instant admirer as I went to each schools games and talked to each coach. Each was doing it for the love of the game and with a belief that they could shape their players into young men.

Salinas has a rich soccer history and great talent, we should all be proud of our city and continue to support and nurture that talent to the benefit of the whole community.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Salinas and USL Pro Soccer. A perfect fit?

A sure way to raise civic pride in any city it to bring a professional sports team to town. Salinas has a rich history of professional sports, from baseball’s Packers and Peppers to soccer’s California Jaguars, this town is no stranger to pro sports. Recently a developer from Walnut Creek proposed building a minor league baseball stadium on

Friday, October 24, 2014

Salinas Soccer All Grown Up

About a month ago I was picked up by a website called Last Word On Sports to cover the San Jose Earthquakes. I am very excited at this opportunity to get to learn and write about the Quakes and I hope you join me in my journey. You can find my articles by clicking on the link or by following me on Twitter @BaldoLWOS. You can also like our page on Facebook here.